Are you experiencing a toothache, or sensitivity when eating or drinking? You may have a cavity.

Dental fillings from Apex Dental can restore your tooth, your comfort, and the appearance of your smile.

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If you're dealing with tooth pain, contact our dental office immediately for emergency care. We can provide a filling or any other necessary treatment to protect your oral health.

When Are Dental Fillings Needed?

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Cavities occur as a result of tooth decay, or the degradation of dental tissue. Cavities cause dental sensitivity because they basically reduce the amount of tissue between the enamel and the nerves. Fillings replace decayed tissue to minimize sensitivity and reinforce the tooth after cavity treatment.

Materials Used For Dental Fillings

Composite Resin

Our dentist can create a natural-looking dental filling by using composite resin, a substance that is metal-free and can be matched with your dental tissue. Although it is not one of the strongest materials in dentistry, it is stronger than other aesthetic solutions like glass ionomer. We recommend this option as a means of providing dental protection without compromising the appearance of your smile.


Amalgam fillings are the traditional solution. They are made of a mixture of metals like silver, tin, copper, and non-harmful amounts of mercury. This option isn't as aesthetic as composite resin or glass ionomer, and it can fluctuate with temperature, which can fracture teeth over time. However, it is very strong. We will be glad to discuss your options so you can choose the best solution for your needs.

Fillings Vs. Crowns 

Fillings and dental crowns are used to address tooth damage, but they aren't interchangeable. During your consultation at our Fort St. John, BC, office, we will probably recommend a crown instead of a filling if:

  • Your tooth has severe damage
  • A significant amount of your tooth has to be removed 
  • A root canal treatment is necessary to remove infected tissue within the tooth

Each patient is unique and has specific dental needs. To determine which treatment is best for you, request a consultation with our dentists today. We strive to provide the most conservative solution possible in every case.

Contact Us Today  If You Suspect You Have Cavities 

Tooth pain and sensitivity are two of the most common signs that you may have a cavity. If you contact us when you first detect pain, our dentists can act quickly to remove the decay. The longer patients delay dental care when their teeth hurt, the more the tooth will be affected. Eventually, the decay can spread to other teeth. 

Dentists Alex Man and Henry Ma use a gentle approach to treating teeth. They will take measures to maximize your comfort while saving as much of your natural tooth as possible. Request a consultation at our Fort St. John, BC, office online or call:

(250) 787-7820

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Dental fillings from Apex Dental can restore your tooth, your comfort, and the appearance of your smile.

How Long Do Dental Fillings Last?

Composite fillings can last up to 10 years, while amalgam typically lasts 15 years or more. 

My Tooth Hurts. Will Getting Fillings Hurt Too?

In a word: No!

Patients often wonder if receiving a filling will hurt. In the worst cases, they avoid treatment due to fear of pain. Our dentists use a local anesthetic to numb the tooth before placing composite fillings or any other type of restoration. This virtually eliminates pain. In fact, aside from some pressure against your tooth, you are unlikely to feel anything at all during this treatment.

If you have extreme dental anxiety or trouble sitting still, ask about our sedation options at your next appointment. 

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What to Expect During Your Procedure 

A filling is a quick dental procedure at our Fort St. John, BC, office. Here's what to expect:


During your visit to our Fort St. John dentist's office, Dr. Alexander Man or Dr. Henry Ma will use x-rays and intraoral cameras to see if your teeth have cavities and decay. If the decay is extensive, they may recommend a crown instead of a filling.


A local anesthetic is used to numb the treatment site. Our dentists then remove the decayed tissue from the tooth, using a gentle approach to maintain as much healthy enamel and other dental tissue as possible.


The decayed tissue is replaced by a filling. Once the material is in place, our dentists will test your bite and make sure the tooth is fully functional. 

A Closer Look at Maintaining Your Fillings 

Since dental fillings are made of durable materials that are designed to withstand the pressure of your bite, they are easy to maintain. Some of the most effective ways to protect your dental filling include:

Good Oral Hygiene 

Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily not only prevents new cavities, but also maintains a healthy foundation for your fillings.

The Right Food Choices

Eating sugary foods and beverages increases your risk of cavities. By minimizing the amount of sugar you eat and maintaining a well-balanced diet, you can reduce your risk of tooth decay. 

Dental Cleanings

Getting an in-office cleaning at Apex Dental every six months gives our dentists an opportunity to prevent or address tooth decay, and to make sure your fillings are in great shape.

Attending regular dental checkups allows our dentists to detect signs of tooth decay and other oral health issues early, when they are most easily treated.

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